Theft and Burglary Offences

Theft and dishonesty offences can range from simple shop-lifting to large-scale theft from employers. In some instances, the Crown Prosecution Service may be alleging a breach of trust.


Another well-known offence covered by the Theft Act is Burglary. Burglary is divided into two main categories: domestic (home) and non-domestic (commercial). Sentencing in this area includes the 'three-strike' rule: a mandatory three year sentence for a person convicted of three domestic burglaries. In these circumstances, we can provide detailed advice on sentencing options.


Our highly experienced lawyers can deal with both defending against disputed allegations to advising on achieving the best sentence, having regard to the relevant sentencing guidelines.


The following offences are given as an example where we are able to assist the suspect:


  • General theft (Shoplifting);
  • Theft from/of a Motor Vehicle;
  • Handling Stolen Goods;
  • Going Equipped for Theft or Burglary;
  • Abstracting Electricity;
  • Making off Without Payment;
  • Domestic Burglary;
  • Non-Domestic Burglary;
  • Aggravated Burglary.
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