Driving Offences

It is common for road users to find themselves requiring legal advice. Some Road Traffic offences carry mandatory disqualifications whereas others carry a discretionary disqualification. Being properly advised on your options can be extremely beneficial in this area. Where there may have been extenuating circumstances behind your driving infraction, we can advise on the prospect of raising "special reasons."


Other road traffic offences can be technical in nature, and you may have a legal defence.  


The following offences are given as an example where we are able to assist the suspect:


  • Careless Driving;
  • Dangerous Driving;
  • Drink Driving (Excess Alcohol);
  • Driving without a Driving Licence;
  • Driving without Insurance
  • Exceptional Hardship & Penalty Points
  • Failing to provide Driver Information'
  • Failing to Stop after an Accident;
  • Driving whilst on a Mobile Phone;
  • Notice of Intended Prosecution;
  • Speeding; and
  • Totting up Penalty Points.

Exceptional Hardship


When a person has accumulated on their driving licence 12 penalty points or more in a 3 year period through totting up, then there is a serious risk that a minimum 6 month disqualification period will follow imposed by the court. However, through exceptional hardship, that individual may be able to continue to drive but that the hardship of that individual must be "exceptional".


We have a team of highly experienced lawyers who are able to assist in all driving offences.

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