Sexual Offences

The recent increase in prosecution for sexual offences has been well documented by the media. We understand that these often complex cases can involve senstive (and often, historical) allegations. Our experienced defence team have particular expertise in this area, representing clients from the investigation stage all the way through to trial at the Crown Court. We also have experience in dealing with cases that could attract media coverage, and can advise accordingly. Examples of some of these offences:


  • Rape;
  • Attempted Rape;
  • Assault by Penetration;
  • Sexual Assault;
  • Causing a Person to engage in Sexual Activity without Consent;
  • Rape of a Child Under 13;
  • Assault of a Child Under 13 by Penetration;
  • Sexual Assault of a Child Under 13;
  • Causing or Inciting a Child Under 13 to Engage in Sexual Activity;
  • Sexual Activity with a Child;
  • Causing a Child to watch a Sexual Act;
  • Meeting a Child following Sexual Grooming;
  • Possession of Indecent Photograph of Child;
  • Indecent Photographs of Children;
  • Trafficking People for Sexual Exploitation;
  • Exposure;
  • Voyeurism;
  • Administering a Substance with Intent;
  • Trespass with Intent to Commit a Sexual Offence.
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