Drug Offences

Been arrested for possession of Cannabis, Heroin or Cocaine? Have you been accused of supplying those or other drugs to another? We are able to assist you as we deal with all drug offences, whether you are simply in possession of the drugs or you are suspected of importing them into the country. Below is a list (not definitive) of the drug offences we can help you with:


  • Possession of Class A / B / C Drugs;
  • Possession with Intent to Supply Class A / B / C Drugs;
  • Offer to Supply Class A / B / C Drugs;
  • Cultivation of Drugs;
  • Importation of Drugs;
  • Driving under the influence of Drugs; and
  • Being Concerned in the Supply of Drugs.


We have an experienced legal team who are able to assist you in all drug offences whether you are going to the police station for interview or your case has progressed on to court.


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