Fraud Offences

Fraud at its most basic involves making a gain from or causing a loss to another through deceitful means. However, the law on fraud is broad, and covers a range of areas, from new forms of cyber-fraud (such as phishing) to credit card replication.


The law on money laundering is an expanding area of law. Our lawyers regularly attend training to receive updates on new legislation.


Our highly experienced legal team at Henscott Solicitors can assist you or someone in need of representation in all areas of Fraud, Bribery and Money Laundering Offences.


The following offences are given as an example where we are able to assist the suspect:


  • Fraud by False Representation;
  • Conspiracy to Defraud;
  • False Accounting;
  • Possession of Articles for Use in Fraud;
  • Benefit Fraud;
  • Money Laundering;
  • Bribery.
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